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Roll of Renown & Galaxy of Stars

The highest honour in country music is being recognised in the Australasian Roll of Renown.

Standing in front of Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre (TRECC) is the Australasian Country Music Roll of Renown. The roll honours those who have made a significant and lasting contribution in the industry. Over 50 country music icons have been immortalised on the giant granite boulders, with new additions unveiled each year at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Next to the Roll of Renown is the country music Galaxy of Stars. Each year stars are recognised with star shaped plaques set into the forecourt to celebrate their place in country music.

Australiasian Country Music Roll of Renown Inductees:


2021The Bushwackers
2020Joy McKean
2019James Blundell
2018Kasey Chambers
2017Troy Cassar-Daley
2016Graeme Connors
2015Ray Kernaghan & Lee Kernaghan
2014Norm Bodkin & Les Partell 
2013Wayne Horsburgh
2012Terry Gordon
2011Phil & Tommy Emmanuel
2010Anne Kirkpatrick
2009Slim Newton
2008Geoff Mack
2007Lindsay Butler
2006Reg Poole
2005The Singing Kettles & Athol McCoy
2004Webb Brothers & Kenny Kitching
2003Frank Ifield
2002The Schneider Sisters 
2001Arthur Blanch
2000Rex Dallas
1999Brian Young 
1998Rocky Page
1997John Williamson
1996Dusty Rankin
1995Ted Egan
1994Jimmy Little
1993Shorty Ranger
1992Nev Nicholls
1991Barry Thornton
1990Stan Coster
1989The Hawking Bros
1988John Minson
1987Chad Morgan
1986Johnny Ashcroft
1985Rick & Thel Carey
1984Reg Lindsay
1983The McKean Sisters
1982Gordon Parsons
1981 Tim McNamara
1980Shirley Thoms
1979Slim Dusty

Country Galaxy of Stars Inductees:

2020Catherine Britt
2019Travis Collins
2018Allan Caswell
2017Sara Storer
2016Kasey Chambers
2015Melinda Schneider
2014Colin Buchanan & Anne Kirkpatrick
2013The McClymonts & Adam Harvey
2012Ted Egan & Chad Morgan
2011The Bushwackers & Tommy and Phil Emmanuel
2010Felicity Urquhart & Adam Brand
2009James Blundell & Beccy Cole
2008Jimmy Little & Troy Cassar-Daley
2007Smoky Dawson & Joy McKean
2006 Gina Jeffrey & Graeme Connors
2005Lee Kernaghan & Tania Kernaghan
2002 Arthur Blanch & John Williamson
2000Slim Dusty