Lake Keepit Soaring Club

Become a Pilot for a day. Choose to take control.

Fly gliders or power planes and flying in a sailplane is an unforgettable experience.

Keepit Soaring Club offers tandem flights and basic training through to solo and beyond.

On the edge of Lake Keepit State Park, this area is spectacular for an aerial adventure – stunning views over the Lake and below are winding rivers, rich farmlands, forested ridges and mountains with big thermals.
The club has a full-time manager who oversees mid-week operations and makes sure that your visit runs smoothly, while on the weekend, club volunteers conduct the operations. The club has 2 full time dedicated aerotow tugs and a well maintained glider fleet.

The normal launch height will give you a flight of 20 to 30 minutes, depending on conditions on the day and when conditions are good, you can extend your flight beyond 30 minutes for only a small amount extra, per minute.
Comfortable cabin accommodation is conveniently located on the airfield and, of course, we have excellent areas to socialise after the days flying.

Check out all the up to date details on the Lake Keepit Soaring Centre website.