Country Music Galaxy of Stars

The Galaxy of Stars features some of Australia’s top country music performers. 

Each year stars are recognised with star shaped plaques set into the forecourt to celebrate their place in country music.

2020Catherine Britt
2019Travis Collins
2018Allan Caswell
2017Sara Storer
2016Kasey Chambers
2015Melinda Schneider
2014Colin Buchanan & Anne Kirkpatrick
2013The McClymonts & Adam Harvey
2012Ted Egan & Chad Morgan
2011The Bushwackers & Tommy and Phil Emmanuel
2010Felicity Urquhart & Adam Brand
2009James Blundell & Beccy Cole
2008Jimmy Little & Troy Cassar-Daley
2007Smoky Dawson & Joy McKean
2006 Gina Jeffrey & Graeme Connors
2005Lee Kernaghan & Tania Kernaghan
2002 Arthur Blanch & John Williamson
2000Slim Dusty