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Hats Off 2021 positive-01

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Thursday, 1 July 2021 

Time      Venue      Show       Tickets 
5pm   Austin Tourist Park   Tracy Coster plus Kathryn Jones and others  

$25 each, tickets from venue:
02 6766 2380






Tamworth City Bowling Club





Tamworth Songwriters Association featuring:

6-6:55pm             Two Gals                             

7-7:55pm             Tony Kennelly                  

8-8:50pm             Emily Hatton & Cassidy Rae                        






7pm   Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar   Jason McDaniel - free CD with every ticket   From the venue
7:30pm   Capitol Theatre   Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow   Entertainment Venues

Friday, 2 July 2021

Time   Venue   Show   Tickets








Tamworth City Bowling Club







Tamworth Songwriters Association featuring:

5-5:25pm            Peter Salata                       

5.30-5:55pm       Joel Bear McKay                              

6-6:55pm            Lucie Tiger                          

7-7:55pm            Cassidy -Rae & Emily Hatton                       

8-9pm                 Aaron Darcy       








7pm   Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar   CMAA Junior Academy Graduation Concert    
8pm   West Leagues   Hurricane Fall    
8pm - 11:45pm   The Longyard   Redneck Gentlemen featuring Jared Scott, John Lee and Rob Bennic    
7:30pm   The Press   The Weeping Willows    

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Time   Venue   Show   Tickets

10am - 6pm













Post Office Hotel













Tamworth Songwriters Association featuring:

10-10:30am         Duncan & Sue

10-35-11:05am    Peter Salata

11:10-11:40am    Sandy Louise

12:20-12:50pm    Sue Dorahy

12:55-2pm           Andy Penkow

2:05-2:35pm        Emily Hatton

3:15-3:45pm        Cassidy-Rae

3:50-4:20pm        Amanda Heartsong

4:25-4:55pm        Marcus Cassells

5-5:30pm             Lucie Tiger

5:35-6pm             Aaron Darcy


10am - 9pm






















Tamworth City Bowling Club






















Tamworth Songwriters Association featuring:

10-10:25am         Sue Dorahy                        

10.30-10:55am    Marcus Cassells               

11-11:25am         Amanda Heartsong                        

11:30-11:55am    Sarah Leigh                        

12-12:25pm        Emily Hatton                     

12:30-12:55pm   Michelle Little                   

1-1:25pm            Duncan & Sue                   

1:30-1:55pm       Lucie Tiger                           

2-2:25pm            Peter Salata                       

2:30-2:55pm       Tony Kennelly                  

3-3:25pm            Andy & Amy Ryan                           

3:30-3:55pm       Sandy Louise                     

4-4:25pm            Michelle Little                   

4:30-4:55pm       Michelle Little                   

5-5:25pm            Joel Bear McKay                              

5.30-5:55pm       Amanda Heartrsong                       

6-6:55pm            Andy Penkow                   

7-7:55pm            Cassidy -Rae                      

8-9pm                 Sarah Leigh                        

12:30pm   Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar   Songwriters In The Round featuring Andrew Farris, Lyn Bowtell and Ashleigh Dallas   From venue or online














Southgate Inn













Australian Bush Ballad Association presents the annual fundraiser for the
Brian Young Bronze Bust, artists performing are:

Lynette Guest

Graeme Doubleday

Lyn and Phil Manning

Greg Brian

Rodney Walker

Rob Breese

Patti Morgan

Lorraine Pfitzner

Tom Manning

Henry Hollis

  $10 donation
7:30pm - 10pm   Royal Theatre Quirindi   The Weeping Willows with Sally-Anne Whitten & The Rumour Mill    
8pm   Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar   Roo Arcus   From venue
8pm - 11:45pm   Longyard Hotel   Redneck Gentlemen featuring Jared Scott, John Lee, and Rob Bennic    

Sunday, 4 July

Time   Venue   Show   Tickets

11am - 2pm





Tamworth City Bowling Club





Tamworth Songwriters Association featuring:

11-11:50am         Aaron D'Arcy, Tony Kennelly, Michelle Little        

12-12:50pm        Wendy Wood, Marcus Cassells, Sandy Louise      

1-2pm                 Patricia & Paul, Sue Dorahy, Joel Bear McKay

4pm - 8pm   The DAG Sheepstation   Songwriters' Concert   From the venue: 02 6769 3486

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