Tamworth Regional Council Economic Development Strategy

Tamworth Tomorrow

Tamworth’s Economic Development Strategy 2016-2021

Tamworth TomorrowLinkUpdatedTamworth Tomorrow is a strategy focussed on driving the economic growth of the region through increasing the region’s population base, which fuels the economy, driving innovation, investment, cultural activity and entrepreneurial spirit. The Strategy has a strong people and place focus and harnesses knowledge, research and innovation as key drivers of Tamworth’s economic future. 

Tamworth Tomorrow, is a guiding document for everyone that contributes to the economic development of Tamworth. The aim of the Strategy is to foster Tamworth’s growth, by building new and strengthening the existing industry and service base that will drive the region’s development as the leading regional centre in NSW.

The Strategy places a high premium on attracting skilled professionals alongside developing the region’s existing employee skills base to match the requirements of business and industry and drive new opportunities and cultural change.

In a fresh approach to the region’s economic development, Tamworth Tomorrow defines the foundations that underpin the region’s economy and high growth sectors, identifies the region’s industry pillars and recommends specific actions based on the identified strategic drivers to activate and drive long-term growth. 

The implementation of Tamworth Tomorrow will require extensive collaboration among stakeholders committed to enhancing Tamworth as a leading vibrant and progressive region in Australia.  It places a high premium on partnerships and the development of networks, clusters, and collaboration as a means of building the region’s capacity and result in harnessing resources, fostering innovation, increasing productivity and the integration of new technology. Investing in the region’s educational assets will ensure students and the regions workforce contribute to the broad economic and knowledge base of the region; enhancing Tamworth’s global competitiveness.

The Strategy notes that to facilitate long term-growth the region must become “globally fluent” by remaining in front of global trends and encouraging innovation, advanced manufacturing, direct investment and ensuring freight flow in the region.

 Tamworth Regional Council is committed to establishing an environment that fosters partnerships; propagates creative thinking; facilitates a business engagement focus that enables economic activation; increasing the region’s competitiveness and being responsive to the changing needs of the region’s stakeholders.

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John Sommerlad
Director - Business & Community
E:  trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au

Kate Baker
Coordinator Economic Development
E:  trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au

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