See Looby - the documentary on the acclaimed painter - at Tamworth Regional Gallery this month

Friday 9 October, 2020

After a world premiere at the 2019 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, LOOBY is touring Australia with up to 100 screenings to mark 100 years of the Archibald prize.

And the very first stop? Tamworth Regional Gallery at 4pm on Sunday 18 October.

The film traces the art and life of Sydney painter Keith Looby. Archibald prize-winner and inveterate muck-raker, Keith's works are owned by every major gallery in Australia and many around the world (e.g. MOMA in NY), yet today his paintings are banished from all exhibition. Why?

Funny and infuriating, LOOBY delves into the brutal power politics at the heart of Australian art and raises compelling questions about who decides what our culture looks like.

Watch the film trailer here.

Read the reviews:

Andrew Pierce: "This right here is my pick of the fest. Do not miss Looby. "

Travis Johnson: “It’s a fascinating film, especially in an era of increasingly straitened and conservative artistic standards.”



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