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museums 280x280.jpg18th May 2017

To celebrate International Museums Day, this morning Council launched its ‘Identity and Place’ project that shines the spotlight on seven of the Region’s volunteer run museums and archives.

Titled ‘Identity and Place’, the initiative encourages residents and visitors to the Region to discover what these museums have to offer, by incorporating augmented reality into postcards that will be on display right across the Region.

Director Tamworth Regional Gallery & Museums Bridget Guthrie said the initiative explores the unique identity within our region.

“Tamworth Region Identity and Place explores our unique and significant history. We have partnered with seven volunteer run museums to share a piece of history from each location. The project uses augmented reality technology and gives an exciting insight into each of these collections.

“By working in partnership with our local museums, we are able to explore what is unique and significant in our local history and museum collections. The project tells one unique story per museum that contributes to our Region’s history.

“We have the Tamworth Regional Film & Sound Archive, Calala Cottage, Manilla Heritage Museum, Barraba Nandewar Historical Society, Gil Bennett Rocks, Gems and Minerals Collection, Australian Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Tamworth Powerstation Museum included in this initiative. We hope to continue this initiative for other volunteer run museums in the future also.

“As part of Identity & Place, a significance review of each collection is currently being undertaken which aims to identify key pieces in each collection and provide the museums and its visitors an idea of why their collection is important.

“To add an extra dimension to these museums, we are using new augmented reality technology. This technology is the same as that used with games like Pokémon Go and is ideal to add extra layers of information and works well with kids and families. Using a smart device, like your IPhone you will be invited to touch, explore, listen, watch and play.

“The augmented reality technology will be rolled out to youth via 12 workshops to show the importance of each collection and demonstrate this exciting technology.”

Postcards will be available through the Gallery, Library, Museums and in Visitor Information Centre’s around the Tamworth Region.

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