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Manilla Paragliding

Manilla is one of the world’s best locations for paragliding, sky sailing and hang-gliding. Fly Manilla at Mt Borah is the nation’s only world-class flying facility and school, owned and run by a certified chief flying instructor. You might visit to take in the spectacular sight of a competition, go for a tandem instructional flight, or – if you’re really serious about the sport – book for the nine-day licence course, privately or in a small group.


Paragliding at Mt Borah, Manilla


Lake Keepit Soaring Club

For those who like the water and the air, there’s Lake Keepit Soaring Club. Book a pleasure glide in a sailplane with a skilled, qualified pilot. They can even organise something special like a bottle of bubbly when you land. If you’d like to learn how to glide, the club has a full-time instructor-manager, and safe, easy-to-fly two-seat gliders.

Located at Manilla Ski Gardens, the Soaring Club is on the eastern side of the lake and has a caravan park, kiosk, playground equipment, barbecues, boat ramps and fisherman's lodges.


Soaring at Lake Keepit

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