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Here in the Country Music Capital, we love us some country music. And we've got a bunch of experiences to prove it!

Big Golden Guitar

The Big Golden Guitar is an Australian and Tamworth icon, which has been visited and photographed by literally hundreds of thousands of people since it was opened in 1987.

It stands 12 metres high at the southern approach to Tamworth, has featured in many film and TV documentaries and has served as a backdrop for a number of TV commercials.

The Big Golden Guitar is constructed of reinforced fibre glass by Len Surtees of Tamworth Fibre Glass Industries. It was modelled directly on the famous Golden Guitar trophies for the Golden Guitar Awards which explains why it has no strings. The original concept came from 2 TM's John Minson and Max Ellis in 1972 and the detailed design was by Tamworth artist Harry Frost. The Golden Guitar Awards were (and still are today) cast in solid bronze on a base of polished Tasmanian Blackwood. They stand high 325mm and weigh 1.5 kilos.

The Big Golden Guitar was officially opened by Slim Dusty and Mr Paul Crombie, General Manager of Tourism NSW, on January 25th 1988; since then the expanded Big Golden Guitar Centre has been owned and operated by Wendy and Noel Bennett.

It is located at the Golden Guitar Tourist Centre on the southern outskirts of Tamworth adjacent to the Longyard Hotel with the Tamworth Visitor Information Centre.

Australian Country Music Hall of Fame

The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame displays memorabilia from pioneers of country music through to our current stars. 
Walk a Country Mile is an interactive area that allows visitors to follow the growth of the genre, through artefact, screenings of old concerts and photos.

Gallery of Stars Wax Museum

Go inside to the Gallery of Stars Wax Museum and check out the likenesses of Smoky Dawson, Buddy Williams, Jimmy Little, Beccy Cole, Chad Morgan and dozens more, with original outfits, settings and personal histories that reflect their lives and times.  

In the style of Madam Tussauds, the Museum features life-like figures of Australia's famous country music stars and pioneers and was opened in 1988 by Slim Dusty. 

The wax figures were made in Nashville in the early 1980s. Display boards tell the story of the stars, which you can read at your leisure. 

Entry fees are: Adult $10 / Child $5 / Senior $8 / Family (2 Adult+3 Children) $25

Galaxy Of Stars & Australasian Country Music Roll Of Renown

The Galaxy of Stars honours the top names in country music with bronze plaques outside Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre (TRECC).

There, you will also find the Roll of Renown, where artists are recognised for their significant contribution to the industry.

The Award was inaugurated by Radio 2TM in 1976 when legend Tex Morton was presented with the first Roll of Renown Award. Since then, around 50 country music pioneers and greats (including both individuals and groups) including Slim Dusty, John Williamson, Phil and Tommy Emmanuel and Lee Kernaghan have been immortalised on the giant granite boulders.

Country Music Pioneers Parade

The row of Bronze Busts in Bicentennial Park commemorate Australian country music legends Tex Morton, Buddy Williams, Barry Thornton, Stan Coster, Reg Lindsay, Jimmy Little and female pioneer, Shirley Thomas. It was started in 1991 and a new bust is added every couple of years.

Country Music Hands Of Fame

Established in 1977, the Hands of Fame park honours individuals who have made an ongoing contribution to the Australian country music industry. It features more than 250 handprints of country music stars and well known country music personalities, all imprinted in concrete with new “hands” inducted each January.

Country Music Trail

Take a walk and get a taste of Tamworth's unique relationship to country music on the Country Music Trail, where you can explore the history and heritage of Australian country music and discover the rick folklore and culture on display at some of our most popular music attractions.


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