The Wine Bluffs

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The Wine Bluffs

Tamworth Town Hall
Fitzroy Street
Tamworth, NSW, Australia

0_7620_21Feb2018095144_The-Wine-Bluffs.png​​ Ever wondered what wine goes best with Fairy Bread? Why hasn’t the ‘Champagne Spider’ caught on? These questions and many more will be inadequately answered by the self-styled sommeliers of comedy, Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja. 

After intoxicating sold out audiences across the country, The Wine Bluffs are here to do what they do best: bullshit about wine. Laying spurious claim to a reputation as renowned wine consultants, the duo, fresh from judging the Fruit Wine Section at The Rockhampton Show, will take you through the cellar door experience with a comedic twist. 

They’ll help you match wine to Chiko Rolls, translate over-written bottle blurbs and identify the biggest Wine Wanker in the room: if you have a wine fridge set on two temperatures... It’s probably you.

The union of Callinan [Melbourne Fringe Comedy winner & 3 time Barry Award Nominee] & Calleja [stand up & writer on Before The Game & countless other TV shows] has everyone’s palate salivating as they prepare to uncork their latest vintage and let the comedy breathe.

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