Tamworth Bicentenary 24 Hour Cricket-a-thon

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Tamworth Bicentenary 24 Hour Cricket-a-thon

No. 1 Oval
Kable Avenue
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


A Tamworth Bicentenary event, the 24 hour Cricket-a-thon on No. 1 Oval, 24-25 February, 2018, will be a unique event for Tamworth.

Being a Glen McGrath Pink Stumps fixture, it will cater for cricketers from all sections of our cricket community - juniors, grade, ladies, veterans, bush, recreational, etc. Starting at 7pm on the Saturday and going continuously through to 7pm on the Sunday, a Fun Goal will be to score 1 000 runs in 24 hours. Come along for just an hour, or for the full 24 hours if you wish. Everyone is guaranteed a bat and a bowl if they so desire. Catering from 8 years to 80 years, it's all about our great game of cricket.

Further information -

Mike Cashman

Tamworth Veterans Cricket

67658610  -  0481944420

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