The Story Only I Can Tell by William Yang

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The Story Only I Can Tell by William Yang

Nundle Memorial Hall
Jenkins Street
Nundle, NSW, Australia

16_7620_18Jan2018101204_0_7620_04Jan2018124920_The_Story_Only_I_can_Tell cropped.jpg​​ The Story Only I Can Tell is the fascinating story of William’s life. His forebears migrated from China to Australia over a hundred years ago  and subsequent generations adapted to Western culture. William grew up in North Queensland on a tobacco farm, and has made his way in the world as an architect, a playwright, a photographer, a visual artist, a film-maker, and now a story-teller. He has led a varied life, working alongside many of Australia’s best-known artists from all artforms, including Brett Whitely, Jenny Kee and Patrick White.


He is internationally renowned for his poignant work exploring social diversity, belonging and travel. From behind the camera, William Yang connects  with audiences around Australia and the world through his intimate photographs and observations of events and people around him.


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