Re-stitching Culture

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Re-stitching Culture

Tamworth Regional Gallery
466 Peel Street
Tamworth, NSW, Australia

19_7620_18Sep2017094742_re-stictching-culture.png​​ Doll-making is an intrinsic part of many Indigenous cultures across the world, including communities in Australia, Canada and South Africa. In all three of these cultures, doll-making represents a transfer of cultural knowledge, the building of capacity, and the reclaiming of Indigenous identity, on both a local and a collective level. The benefits of these outcomes are important to supporting health and wellbeing in Indigenous communities.

RE-STITCHING CULTURE showcases examples of doll-making from three Indigenous groups that continue to strengthen their local communities. Specifically, the Gomeroi Yarning dolls (Australia) which encourage the sharing of oral personal narratives; the Six Nations Cornhusk dolls (Canada) to promote the transmission of cultural teachings; and the Siyazama Zulu dolls (South Africa) used to create community support networks through locally relevant HIV/AIDS awareness.

Through the revitalisation of such culturally generated behaviours and activities, the three projects represented in this exhibition showcase effective ways to move forward from the pain and grief experienced by Indigenous communities and to work collaboratively towards building a healthier future for subsequent generations.

RE-STITCHING CULTURE is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW,
and is a joint project between Tamworth Regional Gallery and Gomeroi gaaynggal ArtsHealth Program, Tamworth

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