Tamworth Film Festival

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Tamworth Film Festival

Forum 6 Cinemas
374 Peel Street
Tamworth, NSW, Australia

16_7620_09May2017163257_Tamworth Film Festival 380x215.jpg​​ CALLING ALL FILM MAKERS & ENTHUSIASTS-
A group of like-minded individuals in Tamworth have gotten together and decided to throw Tamworth's first ever unofficial Film Festival!



The basic idea, is for people who have, are, or will be making films to be able to get together with friends and family to see their works on a big screen with a real audience!



We are aiming for a date of October 8th of this year for the event. The event will be non-for-profit, with no prizes, except for the thrill and satisfaction of seeing your own work on the big silver screen at The Forum 6 Cinema in Tamworth.
There are no real restrictions. Except that it has to fit into 'M' rating (no nudity, minimal swearing, minimal gore etc - basically common sense - this is a family event).



It has to be shorter than 7 minutes.



it can be; Any genre. Any medium (Animation, Arty, Stop Motion and so on.) Shot on ANYTHING (phones, go pros, DSLR's, Million Dollar Red Epics.. WHATEVER) - The only limit is your imagination!



If you think you have a film that you want screened, Please send email me at lukemcdonagh@me.com if you have any questions

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