Travis Collins - The Hits & Other Bits

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Travis Collins - The Hits & Other Bits

Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar
Bridge Street
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


Travis Collins with a range of very special guests will be visiting Tamworth for one night only with his 'The Hits & Other Bits' show!

On the back of a hugely successful 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival which earned TRAVIS COLLINS a sell-out show and three Golden Guitars - ‘Single of the Year’ (Just Another Girl), ‘Song of the Year’ (Call Me Crazy), and the coveted ‘Male Artist of the Year’ (for the album Hard Light) – Moonshiners Honky-Tonk Bar is proud to have him back and we are ready for a great night.

You may have seen Travis before but not like this…

‘’I’m very excited about this... my ‘Hits and Other Bits’ show is very different from anything I’ve ever done” says Travis. “Recently, I’ve had opportunities to connect and really listen to my fans and what their favourite songs of mine have been - across all five albums… Whilst it’s often all about the latest hits and new releases, I’ve been blown away to learn just how many people also want to hear the more ‘hidden’ tracks, never released to radio or CMC.

I’ve been extremely moved by this and wanted to find a way to include these ‘fan favorites’ into a show, without having to remove other songs to fit them - That was the challenge”.

“The idea arose to play my own support set, featuring all these fan favorites that have never made it to the touring show before… You know, the ones that only usually come out around campfire singalongs, house parties, and band jam sessions. So, that’s what I’ll be doing on Wednesday 3rd May – We’re still gonna give a hot and sweaty, high energy, full and electric band show where I’ll play ALL the ‘hits’, but before we do, I’ll also be my own support act and reviving a lot of the missing favorites.

I know it's a Wednesday.. but that didn't stop the amazing Tamworth people packing out a show for me on a Wednesday last May.. It's truly one of my favorite places to perform in the entire country and I can’t wait... It’s gonna be a great night”

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