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Capitol Theatre Tamworth
Level 1 Centrepoint Shopping Centre Peel Street
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


Geoffrey is set in your neighbourhood. It's a redemption story which reminds us that if love can stay the course, no matter how dark the skies or stormy the waters, its possible to survive even the most cataclysmic circumstances. 

The narrative drives through the context of mental illness and the disadvantages suffered by those handicapped by it. It looks at the damage stigma can cause and the isolation that mental illness can create. 

The concept behind the play was to show audiences that workmates, friends, family members and neighbours may be in the grip of a mental illness and they may not even know it. In the end, Geoffrey has a strong message of hope to share because in amongst the rubble there is always something valuable to keep.

Produced by the Tamworth Dramatic Society, written by Tamworth poet Peter Langston and directed by the acclaimed and multi-talented Daniel Gillett, Geoffrey has an ensemble cast - Cara Bastain, Natalie Creighton, Mark Floyd, William Hannon, Aaron Jones, Emelia Rixon, Annabelle Stier, Jenny Sullivan and Joe Tandy - with a broad range of experience and a mix of some who are well known to Tamworth audiences and some exciting newcomers. The production design has been conceived by Miranda Heckenberg (NIDA). 

Geoffrey is a very powerful piece of drama which will enthrall audiences.

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