LIVE Music in Tamworth!

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LIVE Music in Tamworth!

Live Music
Multiple Venues
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


Take a look at the LIVE music on offer in Tamworth!

The Pub

99 Gunnedah Road, Tamworth 
April 2017
Friday 21st, 8pm - Howdy's Hoedown
Friday 28th, 8pm - Rob Breeze Band

 The Longyard

 10-12 Ringers Road, Tamworth
April 2017
Thursday 20th, 7pm - Scotty T
Sunday 23rd, 12pm - Brenton Williams
Sunday 23rd, 3pm -  Jay Seeney Duo
Thursday 27th, 7pm - Allison Forbes
Sunday 30th, 12pm - Mike Vee
Sunday 30th, 3pm - Michael Bryers

 The Family Hotel

109 Bridge Street, Tamworth
April 2017
Tuesday 25th, 7pm - Honky Tonk Tuesdays Music Jam

West Tamworth Leagues Club

58 Phillip Street, Tamworth
April 2017
Friday 21st, 8:30pm - Kevin Spencer
Saturday 22nd, 8:30pm - Two Gals
Friday 28th, 8:30pm - Jimmy Craz Band
Saturday 29th, 8:30pm - Michael Bryers

West Diggers

Kable Avenue, Tamworth
April 2017
Saturday 22nd, 8:30pm - Brenton Williams
Saturday 29th, 8:30pm - Michael Bryers 

 Cattleman's Steakhouse

1 Sundance Park, New England Highway, Tamworth
April 2017
Friday 21st, 7pm - Marie Hodson
Saturday 22nd, 7pm - Dale Duncan
Wednesday 26th, 7pm - TSA Songwriter Sessions
Friday 28th, 7pm - Johanna Hemara
Saturday 29th, 7pm - Narelle Glover
May 2017
Friday 5th, 7pm - Ryan Sampson
Saturday 6th, 7pm - Russ Bellette
Friday 12th, 7pm - Katie Brooke
Saturday 13th, 7pm - Marie Hodson
Sunday 14th, 7pm - Showpony Express
Friday 19th, 7pm - Sarah Leete
Saturday 20th, 7pm - Dale Duncan
Friday 26th, 7pm - Johanna Hemara
Saturday 27th, 7pm - Lawrie & Shelley Minson
Wednesday 31st, 7pm - TSA Songwriter Sessions
June 2017
Friday 2nd, 7pm - Ryan Sampson
Saturday 3rd, 7pm - Cody Bracken
Friday 9th, 7pm - Marie Hodson
Saturday 10th, 7pm - Allan Caswell
Friday 16th, 7pm - Katie Brooke
Saturday 17th, 7pm - Dale Duncan
Friday 23rd, 7pm - Paul Bonner-Jones
Saturday 24th, 7pm - Showpony Express
Wednesday 28th, 7pm - TSA Songwriter Sessions
Friday 30th, 7pm - The Two Gals

 Locomotive Hotel
 40 Belmore Street, Tamworth
April 2017
Every Thursday, 7pm - Karaoke

 Bendemeer Hotel

112-130 Caroline Street, Bendemeer
April 2017
Friday 21st - Karaoke
Sunday 23rd, 1pm - Sally Anne Whitten
Tuesday 25th - Michael Bryers
Sunday 30th, 1pm - Allison Forbes

The Albert

211 Peel Street, Tamworth
April 2017
Friday 21st, 9:30pm - Nookie
Saturday 22nd, 9:30pm - Damage Inc.
Tuesday 25th, Kyle Cartner
Friday 28th, 9:30pm - Hurricane Fall
Saturday 29th, 9:30pm - Jimmy Craz Band
May 2017
Friday 5th, 9:30pm - Beau Hatch Band
Saturday 6th, 9:30pm - The Rumor Mill
Friday 12th, 9:30pm - Latch
Saturday 13th, 9:30pm - Route 67
Friday 19th, 9:30pm - The Distractions
Saturday 20th, 9:30pm - The Distractions
Friday 26th, 9:30pm - Nookie
Saturday 27th, 9:30pm - Kisstory

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