2019 Nundle CWA Art Exhibition and Sales

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2019 Nundle CWA Art Exhibition and Sales

Nundle Memorial Hall

Jenkins Street, Nundle
Australia, NSW, Australia


Why not take a drive to Nundle over the weekend of November 15th, 16th & 17th 2019 for the annual CWA Art Exhibition & Sale.
Nundle CWA Art Exhibition was first held in 1969 to help fund extensions made to the CWA rooms in order to accommodate the Nundle CWA Preschool. It ran consecutively for many years, but due to the drought and recession it lapsed.
In 2003, following a further extensions to the rooms, the Nundle CWA Art Exhibition started once more, and has continued to grow and is very popular, bringing many visitors to the village.
Each year, exciting new entries are received from all areas of NSW, Southern Queensland and Victoria.
Proceeds from the exhibition is donated to assist funding of the Nundle CWA Preschool and Health Facilities Building for the local community.

For further information visit www.nundle.org.au or call 0418 866 072

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