fRETfEST Find Of The Year

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fRETfEST Find Of The Year

The Pub

99 Gunnedah Road
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


Welcome to fOTY - the exciting TALENT QUEST for guitarists and songwriters!

fOTY stands for Find Of The Year and we're looking for the best guitarists and singer songwriters who play their own songs on guitar!

“This is great news for the musicians of the Hunter New England Region (and beyond!)” says Al Buchan, the founder and director of Fretfest Pty Ltd. “We have been unearthing Australia’s best new talent for 20 years, including PETE MURRAY who went on to sell 1 million albums, KATE MILLER-HEIDKE who recently represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest and TOM BUSBY who went on to form the popular acoustic duo, Busby Marou, after winning his age category in fOTY 2014.”

fOTY is a bit like The Voice for people who write and play their own songs. Best of all, fOTY is open to musicians of all ages and all genres. The only requirement is that the tunes must be written by the performer and must be played on guitar. Acoustic, electric, classical, jazz guitar, doesn’t matter; as long as it’s got frets, it’s GOOD.

“We are encouraging musicians of all ages to enter and enjoy the thrill of a live music event and we hope musicians from right round the region will take part, to drive, catch a bus or train to Tamworth, perhaps even fly in to participate.” says AL BUCHAN. "We are giving away 4 TANGELWOOD GUITARS – one to each age category winner, plus the Finalists will get to perform on the FANZONE STAGE at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2020."

There are 4 age categories: Under 18 age, 18 - 25 age, 25 to 40 age and Over 40's age.  Fortnightly auditions, heats and semi-finals are being held across the year at The Pub in Tamworth and entrants should refer to the schedule below to find their age category dates and entry times:

U18 AUDITION: Sat 20 July, 12pm till 4pm*

U18 HEAT: Sat 27 July, 12pm till 4pm*

U18 SEMI: Sat 10 Aug, 12pm till 4pm*

18-25 AUDITION: Sat 24 Aug, 12pm till 4pm*

18-25 HEAT: Sat 7 Sept, 12pm till 4pm*

18-25 SEMI: Sat 28 Sept, 12pm till 4pm*  

25-40 AUDITION: Sat 12 Oct, 12pm till 4pm* 

25-40 HEAT: Sat 19 Oct, 12pm till 4pm*

25-40 SEMI: Sat 2 Nov, 12pm till 4pm*

Over 40 AUDITION: Sat 16 Nov, 12pm till 4pm*

Over 40 HEAT: Sat 30 Nov, 12pm till 4pm*

Over 40 SEMI: Sat 14 Dec, 12pm till 4pm*

* Times may vary slightly depending on number of entries 

GRAND FINAL (all ages) Sat 25th Jan, 2020 on the FANZONE STAGE, 6-9pm 

ENTER NOW > event information and ENTRY DETAILS at

fRETfEST® Find Of The Year - supported by:

Tanglewood Guitars, National Music, 88.9fm and the Tamworth Country Music Festival 

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