Bar Choir Tamworth

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Bar Choir Tamworth

The Welder's Dog

37 Dowe St
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


We would love you to come and have a fun afternoon at the Welders Dog in Tamworth, bring your friends and have a few Duch Courage drinks and help us to belt out a pub classic Zombie.

There will be some live music before we get into learning a few basics to make us all sound amazing.

During the afternoon we will help you to learn the words and show you how much fun singing together can be. This is designed for those of us that sing in the shower and have little or no musical training.

Bar Choir is about singing a song you like with just a bit of help with timing, and the words. You are not expected to have any musical training or skill. Just enthusiasm and the ability to read.

We will be singing the cranberries song Zombie. This is a bit of a tribute to the lead singer Dolores O'Riordan who died unexpectedly in January 2018.

Tickets can be purchased before the event at a discounted price or will be for sale at the door on the day for $20. Please note numbers are limited.

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