Paragliding State of Origin 2019

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Paragliding State of Origin 2019

Mt Borah
Manilla, NSW, Australia

0_7620_09Apr2019164341_The_sky_is_alive_by_Paul_Kenny.jpg​​ The annual Paragliding State of Origin Competition held at Manilla's Mt Borah airsports facility over Easter is set to attract over 150 pilots from around Australia. In terms of attendance it’s one of the largest paragliding events in the world! 


The competition is aimed at novice pilots with experienced team leaders coaching them along to fly as many cross country kilometers as possible daily.  

The State of Origin theming, aside from NSW vs QLD, also includes teams from ACT, and the "World Barbarians”. Last year NSW finally took back to trophy after many years in the wilderness.  This year QLD is looking to steal it back with a well organised State team attending. 

Spectators are always welcome - its free. Best viewing times are from 10am - 2pm daily at Mt Borah.

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