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Tamworth Regional Airport

Tamworth Regional Airport is the largest of the regional airports in Australia and capable of operations for aircraft as large as B737/A320 series.

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Airline Schedules



 operate Dash 8 - 200, 300 & Q400 (36 – 74 seater aircraft) between Tamworth and Sydney 7 days a week with up to 6 flights daily. 

JetGo logo

Jetgo Australia operate Embraer 135J (36 seater jet aircraft) between Tamworth and Brisbane with services 6 days a week – three days a week operating twice daily services.  

  • For Jetgo flight information please visit or telephone 1300 328 000 (7 days week 8am until 5pm) 
  • Jetgo Timetable – view current timetable for Jetgo Australia


Virgin Australia logo

Virgin Australia operate ATR72 (68 seater aircraft) between Tamworth and Sydney with services available 7 days a week – three days a week operating a twice daily service.

For reservations visit or telephone 136 789


Fly Corp.JPG
Fly Corporate
 operate Metro 23 (19 seater aircraft) & SAAB 340 (34 seater aircraft) between Tamworth and Brisbane with services available 6 days a week – three days a week operating a twice daily service.


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Airport Car Park

For information, pricing, terms and conditions please click here


The Airport

  • is owned by Tamworth Regional Council
  • plays a significant role in the local community
  • has a history of aviation excellence
  • government and private enterprise continue to invest in its development
  • is home to major aviation training schools and businesses including Aviskills and BAE Systems Flight Training Australia
For full details of airliners operating from Tamworth, please visit the how do I get to Tamworth page.

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Airport Security

From 1 July 2012, the Australian Government introduced changes to the aviation security arrangements at most regional airports.

Tamworth Regional Airport was one of the airports which implemented these legislated changes.

Passengers and their carry-on and checked in baggage are security screened before boarding their flights by new technology including:

  • walk through metal detectors
  • hand held metal detectors
  • x-ray machines for carry-on and checked baggage
  • explosive trace detection

Important passenger information:

  • ensure you are at the airport at least one hour before your flight is scheduled to depart
  • a Screening Officer may ask to look in your bag instead of using an X-Ray machine
  • computers and aerosol cans need to be taken out of your carry baggage and placed in a plastic tub provided for individual screening
  • if you have a heart pacemaker or other medical conditions which may be affected by X-Ray, advise the security screening staff as you may not be required to go through the walk through metal detector
  • steel capped boots, large buckle belts and some ladies jewellery and shoes which include metal parts will need to be removed and screened separately
  • hats, caps and overcoats need to be removed and placed in the plastic tubs for screening
Passengers who have not experienced aviation security screening before can visit  to familiarise themselves with what to expect at an aviation security screening point.  You will also find examples of items that are not permitted to be carried on board an aircraft.



aerial view of Tamworth Regional Airport, NSW

Airport Technical Specification

  • located 10km west of city
  • 24 hour operations – no curfew
  • main runway 2200 metres long and 45 metres wide
  • main runway is constructed of grooved bitumen asphalt
  • equipped with full lighting services to international standards
  • navigational aids include as ILS System for runway 3OR, VOR, DME(I) and NDB
  • air traffic control tower
  • parallel all weather sealed runway 1100 metres long and 18 metres wide capable of handling aircraft up to 5700kg
  • airport offers significant airspace potential, with a capability of sustaining substantially more air movements
  • modern passenger terminal building with kiosk and catering


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Airline Services

  • Qantaslink operate 6 return services on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 5 return services on Wednesdays
  • 4 services per day on weekends between Tamworth and Sydney
  • Aircrafts are modern Dash 8 - Q400, Dash 8 – 300 and Dash 8 – 200 series aircraft
  • for bookings please visit
  • Jetgo Australia operates seven (7) return services a week to Brisbane. Jetgo operate 36 seater Embraer 135 jet aircraft. For bookings please log on to or telephone 1300 328 000 (Mon – Fri 9am until 5pm).
  • Virgin Australia operate six (6) return services a week to Sydney. Virgin Australia operate 68 seater ATR-72 aircraft. For bookings please visit or telephone 13 67 89.

Airport Tenants

The following companies are established on the Airport:


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Airport Fees and Charges

Fees and charges apply to all aircraft using Tamworth Regional Airport.

Tamworth Regional Airport Master Plan

Click here to view the Master Plan.  

Contact Details

  • Phone: 1300 733 625 or 02 6767 5555 within the Tamworth region during office hours
  • Contact us
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