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DAG Sheep Station
Located outside the Nundle village, the DAG Sheep Station offers tours through the New England ranges in a 4WD bus that allows passengers to go offroad; see historic stations; enjoy morning tea in bushland and lunch at a country pub. The tour begins at DAG Sheep Station, traveling through the village of Nundle, passing Sheeba Dams at Hanging Rock and on through Barry Station and Glenrock Station high in the ranges. Then across the '21 Creek Crossings' of the Barnard River, passing by Ellerston Station and Belltrees Station on the way to the Victoria Hotel and Moonan Flat. Highlights include, the majestic grass trees of the Crawney range, morning tea in bushland, beautiful historic Stations, lunch at a country pub, abundant wildlife and the freedom that comes with an 'off road' adventure.

Hills of Gold Adventure Tours
Hills of Gold Adventure Tours is an exciing and captivating experience. Tour Nundle and Hanging Rock regions, taking in the beautiful landscapes in comfort with our 4WD, fully air-conditioned, 16 seater bus. Explore historic sites and hills of gold logo.JPGlearn secrets and mysteries of days gone by and present. Enjoy a Devonshire Tea and let our informative staff show you the stunning gems and gold of the area. And possibly leave with a little 'gold fever'! Click here for more info 


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